Custom Kitchen Remodeling

Creating a destination in the heart of your home

Redefine the way you live with a reimagined space in your home’s busiest room. Our unmatched craftsmanship and exceptional designs will bring your dreams of cooking, dining and entertaining in style to life. Each kitchen remodel project is individualized and created to meet your needs, lifestyle and budget.

From start to finish, the experts at Auburn Watson will be there every step of the way to make the process as smooth as possible while making sure you get the kitchen design you have always wanted.

Personalized kitchen design

First, we meet in your home to get a look at the space and discuss the grand vision for your kitchen remodeling project. We listen to all your ideas, concerns and desires, lending our insights when needed. Together, we start to craft a cohesive design while remaining sensitive to your budget.

Once a conceptual plan is created, we review it with you, detailing the scope of work, making any necessary changes based on your input.

We also provide you with a realistic, preliminary budget for all aspects of the project. Because of our expertise and experience, you can rest assured we have proactively planned the renovation, eliminating surprise expenses.


Scope and samples

Using the agreed-upon concept, we present you with a detailed design, including floor plan, elevation plan and stylized perspective renderings to create the “after” kitchen you have always dreamed about.

From there, we select the design specifics together, including cabinet styles and finishes, appliances, countertops, flooring and backsplash options—all available for you to experience at our kitchen design showroom.

We know there are many things to consider and decisions to be made. That is why we will be with you throughout every step of the process so that you can decide on the details of your kitchen with confidence.

Custom kitchen cabinetry

We offer custom cabinetry designs and features that go beyond what the complete custom design can offer, giving you a truly unique kitchen. You will not find these designs anywhere else as they were independently and meticulously designed decades ago by Auburn Watson’s founder, Vincent Watson.

In addition, we offer various lines of both complete custom and semi-custom cabinetry, only using materials that meet our strict quality standards.

With the countless options offered by our partners and our skills as craftsmen, you can be certain you are getting a distinctive design that matches your style.


Pre-project preparations

Before work begins on your kitchen remodel, we provide you with various amenities to make your preparations and lessen our impact on your home. This includes supplying you with totes to pack your belongings and even creating a temporary kitchen in your garage, basement or other area, for your convenience. You will get to meet the designated foreman for your project to get acquainted with who will be working in your kitchen for the next few weeks.

We also create a Project Binder, a complete and detailed collection of the contract, partners, schedule, drawings, specifications and other details for every item incorporated into the remodel. This binder does not leave your home. It is for you, our staff and other partners to reference to ensure that your remodel is done to our schedule—and our expectations.

Trusted full-service installation

At Auburn Watson, we are serious about our work and hold every kitchen renovation to the highest standard. With all of the project’s work and oversight conducted by our own staff and partners, you will never be asked to schedule a subcontractor or find that progress has been halted.

Furthermore, should any issue arise, we promptly address it personally, including all warranty claims. That means no need to recite appliance serial numbers, find a plumber or electrician, or be on hold with an 800 number. We will be there for you, proudly standing by our work.



Whether your approach is understated elegance or day spa opulence, together we can create a center of innovation and comfort.

Other Spaces

From luxury bars and fireplace surrounds, to office desks and furniture, we use our distinctive designs to create your happy space in any room in your home.


The showroom at Auburn Watson’s Walden Design Center is a relaxed, elegant setting where you can find the inspiration you need, with or without the help of our experienced curators.