Custom Bathroom Remodeling

Redefining your personal space

Whether your approach is understated elegance or day spa opulence, together we can turn your bathroom into a center of innovation and comfort.

You will see the difference in the details, with not only sophisticated bathroom designs and stunning style options but with little disruption to your daily life. We make the process as simple as possible, working with you every step of the way to create your dream space.

Planning your bathroom remodel

Your customized bathroom remodel needs a customized plan. That is why our experts come to your home to view the space and get a better understanding of your ideas and desires. Together we will build a conceptual plan for your bath design, making any necessary changes along the way until your needs are met.

Setting a scope

Whether a master bath remodel or a small bathroom design, there is rarely a project that doesn’t come with bumps along the way. But Auburn Watson has the experience to proactively plan for any surprises that may arise, making sure you are not surprised with any additional costs. 

Getting into details

Using the selected bathroom remodel concept, we will give you a complete floor plan, elevation plan and stylized perspective renderings so you can start adding the ideas and designs you have envisioned for your remodel.

The specifics and options will be plentiful, but our team of experts will walk you through options to help create your dream bathroom. From cabinet styles and vanities, to fixtures and flooring, you can get a first-hand look at designs for your new bathroom when you experience our bathroom remodel showroom.


Pre-project preparations

Just before work is set to begin, we make sure there is little inconvenience to your daily life. Our experts look to lessen the disruption at every opportunity, first by providing you with totes to store your belongings. If we are remodeling your only bathroom, we make special accommodations, including setting up a temporary shower and replacing the toilet at the end of each workday to ensure the basic functionality of your bathroom during the project. Furthermore, you can expect real-time updates throughout the entire renovation, so you know exactly where the project stands.

You’ll also receive a Project Binder that includes a detailed collection of everything related to your remodel, from the contract and schedule to partners and specifications.


Building a better bathroom

At Auburn Watson, we know how to build a better bathroom and hold our work to the highest standard. Your customized design will be worked on by a member of our trusted staff. You will get quality craftsmanship and professionalism without ever having to wonder about the progress of your project or to hire a subcontractor.

Any issues that arise will be addressed by our professionals promptly and personally, including warranty claims. Whatever your bathroom remodel needs, we will be there to work through it, standing proudly before it as we bring your dream bathroom to life.


Our Bathrooms Gallery

Get inspired by our designs


The showroom at Auburn Watson’s Walden Design Center is a relaxed, elegant setting where you can find the inspiration you need, with or without the help of our experienced curators.


Reimagine the heart of your home and redefine the way you live with a personalized design that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Other Spaces

From luxury bars and fireplace surrounds, to office desks and furniture, we use our distinctive designs to create your happy space in any room in your home.